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Adjustable Awnings Fitted

Soltis Drop Down Blinds Fitted

Classic Aluminium Awnings Fitted

Drop Down Awnings Fitted

Adjustable Awnings

Excellent weather protection. Perfect for Sun and Shade control. Smooth and easy operation, the ideal patio cover.

Soltis Drop Down Blinds

Provide a fresh innovative alternative approach to controlling light and heat from entering your home.

Classic Aluminium Awnings

Keep Doors and Windows free from the elements with our durable, heat reflecting Aluminium Awnings. We have 4 shapes to choose from in a variety of colours.

Drop Down Awnings

Extend your living areas with a drop down awning available in a wide palette of colours in canvas or the Soltis sunscreen fabrics.

Personalisation Options


A motorised awning provides extra comfort for the patio or terrace all year round.

Colours & materials

Choose between fabric and screen fabric to suit your style. There is also a multitude of colours to choose from.

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